Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Online transcription projects: Communication is Key

One of the hurdles (and advantages) of running an online transcription service is that all your transcribers are in different time zones. Some are 5 hours behind you and some are 3 hours advanced.

Managing transcription projects can be a big problem in such situation.  It's therefore a must to have constant and clear communication to and fro.

This often means emailing to and fro multiple transcribers multiple times a day.

Deadlines and relevant information must be communicated and reminded from time to time.

It's a must for transcribers to update their managers the status of their work at least once a day.

If there's any problem with the transcription, that has to be reported as soon as possible.

Nothing should be left to chance or even worse, assumed. Any doubt or confusion with regards template, client instructions and any other detail must be conveyed instantly.

It's also useful and can save time to mention whether a particular transcript needs editing or not, when submitting your final transcript to your manager.

While working on online transcription projects is fun and rewarding it can be rather challenging at times.

Communication is key to succesful transcription projects.

What's your experience like running online transcription projects?