Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Partnership & Collaboration: The Best Business Strategy

Building something from scratch always takes time and effort.

Ever since building my transcription business my focus has always been building my own relationships and clientele.  While that is a wise strategy, it has never been easy.

In the transcription outsourcing world where reputation and brand recognition plays a vital role, its an uphill battle for my unknown agency.

Five years after daring to dream big, I'm yet to connect with a law firm much less build a relationship!  However, things began to change once I started connecting with court reporting agencies.

Court reporters are authorised transcribers legally required to record and transcribe court hearings and proceedings.  And since qualified reporters are in short suppy (therefore in high demand) they always require assistance with transcription.

Just weeks after announcing "partnership"programs with court reporters and agencies we have now started building collaborating with not one but two agencies already.

While court reporting agencies are not our initial ideal clients, we need them to find our footing in the industry and for our stability and growth.

We provide superior verbatim transcription to court reporters so they can also grow their business and increase their production while improving their efficiency.

It's a win-win.  The perfect criteria for partnership and collaboration.

It also, in a way, depicts the reality of the increasingly unitary economy we operate in.  Collaboration by building good relationships is key to stability and growth in business.